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A quick notice that my friending and comment policy is thus: go for it. You may then proceed to comment and little or as much as you like on my journal - I'm dreadful at remembering to comment myself, although I am trying to improve (so rest assured that I do, in fact, read your entries). Speaking of which, don't be put off commenting on a fic on account of it being 'old' - I thrive on feedback.

Should anyone have the burning desire to make fanart or podfic or remix any of my fic, I should be utterly delighted - just please notify me of it with a link to where it's up so I can link it on my journal and squee :D

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Fandom-related ramblings/whingings also turn up on my tumblr, along with a great deal of other things which I think are shiny, if that appeals to you. Like most people, I am notably more active over there these days, though I do sort of wish that we'd all emigrate to DW.

If you're looking for my Masterlist of Fic, it's now HERE - it grew rather too large for this header post, so it gets its own. I no longer keep this updated, as I no longer post fic here directly. See my AO3 page for a comprehensive masterlist.
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I swear I've not actually stopped writing fic altogether. I'm just working on a lot of different fics that keep getting longer and longer, so I have nothing to post yet. My Unusual Bearings fic and Our Fighters the Striders fic both have deadlines, but there's also the FFXIII Hope gangbang and Percy/Nico timetravel and Chocobro OT4 morning-after-the-night-before...We'll get there, is what I'm saying. There should be a deluge of fic in about a month.

It's the Easter hols, thank god, and I've done various exciting things in between a rigorous program of sleeping and reading novels.

  • Saw Steeleye Span 50th Anniversary Concert Tour: Steeleye are my favourite band, so of course I jumped at the chance to see them live. Maddy's upper register is gone, unfortunately; but that happens when you're 71. Fortunately, her lower register is still strong and the whole thing was just excellent. I knew all but one of the songs they played, which is indicative of just how much Steeleye I've listened to, and had a great time bellowing out the chorus of All Around my Hat during the encore.

  • Just got back from Oxford. Went with parents for the weekend, since we haven't been back since graduation. Bloody hell, but the new Westgate centre is massive and swanky. I got my new Bodleian reader's card, met up with Oxford friends, and spend a great deal of time in the Ashmolean, Pitt Rivers, and Blackwell's.

  • Went to Cambridge for a conference, which was weird, because...it's like when you come home at the end of term to find your parents have switched the furniture round. But that doesn't live there! It's very disorienting, because I keep expecting it to turn into Oxford around every corner, and it never does. Very charming, though.

  • Started playing Skyrim! What an amazingly satisfying timesuck this game is. Never mind fighting things; I just want to cook and craft and learn new spells and own a house. I just wish you didn't have to spend so much time questing through ancient tombs - draugr trigger the same feeling of alarm in me as zombies do.
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Final Fantasy-ing continues apace! I see what its critics mean about 'Final Hallway 13', but I'm enjoying FFXIII anyway. I'm up to Chapter 10. Some observations:

- I love the Launch ability. Staggered enemy, POW up into the air to be bashed about by the party. Rinse and repeat for an effect rather like Moody bouncing ferret!Malfoy around the quad. Deeply satisfying.

- Snow has grown on me, thank god. He's just very sincere. (Still shipping Lightning with Serah, tho, and wishing she had the tear rather than Snow). I just sigh when he gears up for a shounen hero speech. Mind you, so do the rest of the party.

- I still love Hope, and I really love the Lightning-Hope relationship. He's her replacement little sister! Lightning vowing to protect him several times has been great, as has Hope's growth into a capable combatant under her tutelage.

- Fang/Vanille, mmhm. Everybody already knows about them, but let me tell you, this game is very good to my F/F instincts. Fang/Lightning is also pretty hot, but Fang/Vanille is Twu Wuv. Fang is just hot in general.

Fic progress:

- Hope getting gangbanged. 2K in, no hurry.
- Bro/Dave for the Stridercest zine. 5K of probably 7K. Stalled halfway through the sex, which is a bad place to stall. Need to plan this one out.
- Regis/Prompto replacement for Noctis. 3K, stalled, need to plan this one out.
- Nico/Percy amnesia. 8K, need to research NYC to get a more concrete idea of the next scenes.
- Unusual Bearings assignment. Not even started, though I have several ideas percolating...
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My parents are in Barcelona right now, where it is 19 degrees. They keep sending me pictures of them* eating delicious food and drinking sangria.

Meanwhile in Yorkshire, it is alternately snowing and hailing, and on a school trip yesterday a security guard asked how old I was; and when I said ‘I’m twenty-five, love’ he laughed loudly and derisively until I got out my driver’s license and showed him it as proof.

'I mean, you talk older than you look,' he said (probably because I had first addressed him as 'pet'), 'but twenty-five...I thought you were his sister!' He pointed at one of the boys, who like me is pale and has blond curly hair. He is also fifteen.

Reader, I did not enquire of the security guard whether he had thought I was the older sister or the younger sister. I thought it better to remain happily ignorant.

*Well, of Maman, to continue the family tradition of unflattering holiday snaps of Maman tucking into the local delicacies. Looks like lots of juicy prawns and mussels. I am deeply envious.
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Well, termtime life continues at its usual brisk pace. The housemistress has again fallen ill, but since routines are far better established now than at the start of the year, everything is still progressing smoothly with only me, the matron, and the Head of House doing the necessary.

I've spent some of my spare time playing video games.

Love Bites, Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You, Final Fantasy XIII )

I didn't actually start this post to discuss my vidya habit. I made it because I have an announcement: I've finished puer delicatus at last! I began it three years ago, and posted the tenth and final chapter last night.

puer delicatus (20564 words) by Cerberusia
Chapters: 10/10
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Underage
Relationships: Levi/Erwin Smith
Characters: Erwin Smith, Levi
Additional Tags: Pederasty, Power Dynamics, Age Difference

So Levi Ackerman is eleven, just on the cusp of puberty; an unprepossessing child in both looks and personality, and so overlooked as a potential catamite by most.

Erwin is infatuated.

Discussion thereof )
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Dear Stork,

I liked having the first one so much, I decided to have another the next year! I've been waiting for this exchange since Christmas.

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Look, ignore the headline and just look at the pic:

1) Bloody hell, that's a beautiful man;
2) So, I'm guessing that a lot of the objects of desire in 80s BL manga who weren't based on a youthful Robert Plant, were apparently based on David Bowie. Nice.
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Spike in deaths of Oxford rough sleepers rocks community

I didn't recognise Sharron from the photos, though I've passed her in the street many times and spoken to her once; but I did recognise her dog, Jack. I suspect I'd recognise some of the other faces mentioned in the article, too. Oxford is a hotspot of homeless and rough sleepers for two reasons. One, there's a large homeless support network and services, though it's being stretched to breaking point; and two, it's the last station you can get to on the way to London before they start checking tickets. This article made me wonder whether I should made some enquiries about Carl, who used to beg just outside the Pusey Chapel, just round the corner from my college. We used to support him informally, by topping him up by a tenner to help him make rent when he finally got a place to stay.

Undiscovered Merlin tale fragments found in Bristol archives

Not my era of expertise, but I've been grappling with the Arthur mythos lately (and belatedly, one might say), and this just makes me more interested. I love it when we find these things in archives, like when another bit of Sappho is deciphered from some Oxyrrhyncus scrap. It's nice to know that there are still truly new discoveries in the world.

The secret lives of young IS fighters

The pictures drew my eye. Although I'm indifferent to the endless stream of stories about Daesh, I'm interested in child soldiers and daily life in militia/guerilla groups. It's a long and fascinating article for somebody who isn't following the conflict at all, and at the end I'm still wondering about those edited pictures of the young fighter.

This is one of my favourite murder ballads, sadly rarely performed.
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It looks like my inability to access DW on wifi was just a temporary blip, so in celebration, have a collection of links:

Welsh farmstead is rare medieval hall house, experts confirm

Lady of the Shard is a lovely and very short webcomic about an acolyte who is in love with the goddess she worships. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and the art is so wonderfully atmospheric.

A sweet, swinging folk melody about marital disharmony.
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Since I last mentioned my unexpected holiday reading program induced by imminent laptop failure, I have also read:

The Age of Treachery - Gavin Scott
Japanese Prints - Ellis Tinios
The Collected Stories - Amanda Cross
The Affinity Bridge - George Mann
The Master of Go - Yasunari Kawabata
Strange Practice - Vivian Shaw

That makes it nine, one per day, and I still have a couple of days before my new laptop is due to arrive and I shall no doubt cloister myself with it noon till night. Anyway, I would recommend all the above except the Mann, which was rather unsatisfying.

Thoughts on The Affinity Bridge, and The Master of Go )

ETA: Also read Marika Cobbold's A Rival Creation (fine, don't feel the need to hang onto it) and am partway into W. Somerset Maugham's Pictures on a Chinese Screen, which is not, as I had thought, a travellogue, but a series of character sketches of the people he met while travelling up the Yangzte River. Fascinating. I'm reading a couple at a time, savouring it.
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Important tangent: I put my increased word count this year down to 4thewords. The site gamifies writing by making you write certain amounts in certain times to defeat monsters and progress in quests, and all I can say is, it works for me. Massive rec.
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I still await my new laptop, but with slightly more hope. This one is going downhill faster than expected, so I rang up to ask about the expedited service our usual PC builders offer. I happened to mention during the call that this laptop is from them; the customer service chap looked up my father's name in the database and I think realised that we've ordered all our computing equipment from them pretty much since they set up in 2004, because he promptly offered me, as a 'returning customer' (this is the first thing I've ever ordered from them directly, but as I said, Papa), priority at no extra cost! So my laptop is expected at the end of next week.

Anyway, I've finished another book (Death in the Stars, a Kate Shackleton mystery by Frances Brody set in my area of the Dales, so I was bound to enjoy it) and am now alternating between The Collected Stories of Amanda Cross (mystery-writing penname of Carolyn Heilbrun - her detective Kate Fansler is absolutely wonderful) and the non-fiction reference book Japanese Prints by Ellis Tinios that I picked up at the British Museum shop earlier this month.

I've got analysis of my year's AO3 stats to come, but in the meantime, please have this slightly unusual ballad from Shetland. The usual story of the selkie or silkie is of the female whose skin is hidden by her human husband; but this silkie is a male, and the story is quite different. If you're more a June Tabor fan than Maddie Prior fan, she also has a very good version available on YT.

Ding, Dong

Dec. 27th, 2018 03:58 pm
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Well, whatever my laptop has, it's terminal*. The continuous long beeping that starts up if it's put under too much stress (followed by shutdown) indicates imminent hardware failure, according to the nice chap in the computer shop in the next village over, who I've always found reliable; and sadly it's not cost-effective to replace most laptop bits. I can't actually work out which bit is the problem: it's not the GPU and it's not the fan, so my guess is the CPU/motherboard. It's only two and a half years old, but a) it gets a lot of hammer, and b) I did drop it a few days ago. Not far, only from the bed to the floor, but that is not the kind of thing that is good for laptops.

I can't game, not even lightly play a visual novel, because that puts too much stress on the thing; even trying to upgrade my graphics drivers yesterday upset it very badly. Even simply leaving it alone for a while can, for no apparent reason, lead to beeping and shutdown. It's sort of like browsing the internet under the looming threat of the air raid siren.

This is annoying, because I am seized with the desire to play city-building games and visual novels. However, it is also good because in lieu of building virtual towns, I have been forced to amuse myself by reading three books in the past two days:

The Mortal Word - Genevieve Cogman
Women and Power - Mary Beard (admittedly, this is only 100 pages long)
The Age of Treachery - Gavin Scott

All very good, I'm pleased to say. I did try The Kindly Ones from Papa's library, but the thing is the dimensions and heft of a brick, and is full of very dense text with no paragraphs. Not a bad story or writing, but I got two pages in before realising that I did not want to spend the rest of my holiday slogging through Nazi atrocities in tiny text. I'm onto The Infinity Bridge, a steampunk detective novel, instead.

I'm also checking the current production status of my new laptop twice a day, of course - my unexpected Christmas present to myself.

*It's a terminal terminal!
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Christmas lunch: Papa's pan-fried pheasant breasts, my trifle, 20 year old port. Consecutively, not simultaneously. Most delicious. Presents delightful as always, with the unexpected gift from the housemistress turning out to be a bag of Lebkuchen, which I LOVE. She must have noticed me going into raptures when a German girl's mother sent a big box of the stuff to share round the boarding house. I am forcing myself to eke out the pleasure instead of just hoovering up the lot, but it is a struggle.

I hope all your Christmases are going as well as mine. To help, here's a video of how the British Museum conserved a lovely Utamaro kakemono:

ETA: Also, this tweet from the North Yorkshire Police https://twitter.com/NYorksPolice/status/1076214952623591424

Caller from #Harrogate who is aware of Christmas carol singers in the area who she believes are from Leeds. Caller believes they are up to no good as they are not local to area - observations passed to local officers #NYPSSF 498
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I'm busy tarting up my CIEx fic and watching Raffles for the first time (courtesy of the generous and beautiful firestorm717), but you all know how much I love Yes Minister, so please have this clip from it that has so amused me today.

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Exactly as it sounds - the curator Nicole Rousmaniere takes the viewer through the Saint Young Men story of Jesus and Buddha at Christmas. Funny, like everything in SYM (whose premise, for those not in the know, is that Jesus and Buddha are roommates in modern Tokyo), and charmingly festive.
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Please enjoy the fruits of my tree-decorating labours. God, I love Christmas. Mainly because a) Christmas carols, and b) my birthday is two days before it and I'm an only grandchild, so as a child it was END OF YEAR PRESENT BONANZA.

In other news, I cannot believe that I have not heard of JetPens before. They have a shop, sure, but they review stationery and have gift packs and hnnnnnghhh this is basically porn for me. It shouldn't be, because I've never had nice or even especially legible handwriting, and nowadays I type practically everything except for marking essays, but it is. I'm sitting here thinking about fountain pens with bottled inks, despite the sad fact that two years of obligatory fountain pen usage at the end of junior school revealed that they only make my handwriting worse.

But if I were to buy the Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen from some UK stockist, perhaps things would be different, and my handwriting would magically improve...
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I was woken up at 4:30am by the house alarm going off (NEE-OO-NEE-OO-NEE-OO-NEE-OO), and had to shuffle downstairs in my nightie to open the office and turn it off. Accordingly, I am now shattered. To make things better, I have to get up at that time tomorrow in order to prevent the alarm being set off by early leavers. At least tomorrow is the end of term.

In sweeter news, I did some very boring last-minute marking to the accompaniment of this:


A St. Lucia service in Sweden. Utterly delightful.
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A soothing piece of music to enjoy the season and, if you're me, to write more FFXV fic to.

All the sixth formers who I know for a fact were plastered last night at House Dinner (because I had to shoo them to bed) were up bright and early this morning, perky as can be.

Meanwhile, I didn’t even drink, but stayed up til 2am chatting in the housemistress’ sitting room, and I feel hungover. This is completely unfair.
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So, I've just posted a couple of fics for Final Fantasy XV. This is wildly exciting, because it's the first of the Final Fantasy series I've played through! (I did make an attempt at FFVII some months ago, but got stuck and haven't been back to it since). I had a computer from an early age, but the trade-off was that I wasn't permitted any other games console - Playstation, Gameboy, whatever. I still don't have any other consoles, partly because I have minimal time to play the games I already have, and partly because I don't have a TV to hook them up to.

Anyway, the point of this is, I didn't play videogames that required reflexes until very recently. Growing up, I played loads of city-builders, with my favourite being the Sierra Emperor and Master of Olympus: Zeus. In my teens, I played visual novels. Only now am I venturing into the murky, stressful waters of RPGs.

Further FFXV ranting )

On a sidenote, my November wordcount was 23K - nearly half a NaNoWriMo novel - of which 11K was FFXV porn. I am entirely satisfied.


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