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My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage.

♥ British
♥ Classicist
♥ fandomeer; fanficcer; slasher
♥ over 18
♥ red lipstick
♥ archery
♥ fests


♥ Homestuck
♥ Harry Potter

...But I regularly cycle through different fandoms, so expect this list to change without warning. I very rarely ever leave a fandom, though: it simply gets put on the back burner for a while until my interest is somehow renewed. I'm certainly always delighted to talk about old and new fandoms, no matter what I'm into at the time.


♥ This was originally intended to be purely a fic journal, but somehow I ended up blogging about general fandom and RL too. If you're only here for the fanfic (which is fine!) the fanfic tag has all you need.

♥ You've probably got here by reading some of my fic, in which case the fact that I am mainly a slasher shouldn't surprise you.

♥ I don't really use warnings, though I do have a kind of content-notes thing going on (the stuff in brackets after the rating). Several things which are commonly warned for (non-con, character death, torture) are put in content notes, but caution should still be exercised if you are of a sensitive disposition (or at work). My reasoning is this: warnings imply that I'm trying to give people reasons not to read my fic, which is not my aim at all! Thus, content notes, which I prefer to think of as advertisement.

♥ My masterlist o' fic can be found here, and is kept meticulously up-to-date because I'm that kind of person. EDIT: Except that with everyone drifting away from LJ and nobody using the comms for fic-posting any more, my masterlist has fallen rather by the wayside! You're better off checking my AO3 account these days.

♥ My friending policy is explained here, and can basically be summed up as 'sure, go ahead!' I'd appreciate it if you'd leave a little comment/PM me to say who you are and what fandom you found me through, but if you'd prefer to lurk silently, no pressure.

N.B. All characters depicted in my fanfiction are fictional and therefore have no age. If you're here to complain that something I wrote was immoral, don't bother.

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aestheticism, alice and the pirates, alphonse mucha, androgyny, anime, apocripha/0, asexuality, asian dramas, atla, avatar the last airbender, awkward sex, baking, becoming one with russia, being a judgemental bitch, being british, being right, biromanticism, bisexuality, bishounen, bl, books, boys love, boys who like boys, btssb, carrol martell, classical music, classics, cooking, daydreaming, death note, digimon, dnangel, drag queens, drawing (badly), dumbledore is gay, dystopian fiction, ellen kushner, fairy tales, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, fashion, figure skating, fruits basket, fucked-up relationships, gackt, glee, glee rpf, gravitation, gundam 00, gundam seed, gundam wing, harry potter, heroes, hetalia, homoerotic subtext, homoeroticism, hoshi souichirou, hugs, indie, innocent world, jane austen, japan, kiriya hiromu, kiriyan, les miserables, les misérables, lolita, lolita fashion, manga, masochism, merlin, moral ambiguity, multishipping, music, mythology, naruto, occultism, opera, oscar wilde, oxford commas, pansexuality, period dramas, poetry, poppy z brite, quotes, reading, rock, rufflebuttism, satanism, science fiction, semicolon abuse, shapeshifting, sherlock holmes, slash, smut, star trek, steampunk, subtext, supernatural, takarazuka, tea, the orient, the tribe, theatre, tragedy, uchiha clan, uchihacest, vampires, vampirism, victor hugo, victorian homoeroticism, victorian maiden, wearing funny clothes, weird music, weiss kreuz, white collar, writing, writing fanfic, writing smut, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yu-gi-oh, yu-gi-oh gx
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